Kerry: US to Work With China on Climate Change
Secretary of State John Kerry toured a factory in Beijing Saturday and announced a new...

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    Falling Yen Is Weaker Tonic for Japan
    Japan is getting less bang from the rising buck. That is the message investors are sending after a month in which the yen slipped to a six-year...

    Demand for ECB Loans Disappoints
    The European Central Banks first offering of cheap, four-year loans to eurozone banks failed to generate as much interest as expected.

    China Cuts Bank Borrowing Costs
    Chinas central bank made a second surprise move this week to ease monetary policy with a cut in short-term borrowing costs for banks.

    Chinese Borrowers Hold Back
    The Peoples Bank of China is pushing big, state-owned banks to lend more, but some businesses dont want the money, complicating the central banks...

    Russia Admits Sanctions Are Hurting
    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev acknowledged that Western sanctions against Russia are taking their toll on the countrys economy.